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Created on 2017-04-15 17:29:02 (#3088024), last updated 2017-04-20 (26 weeks ago)

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Name:Fic Soundtracks
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Welcome to fic_soundtracks. This community was created so people could have a place to share soundtracks for fics they've written, or for their favorite fics. It all started off when thiscanbegin mentioned to goddess_loki that she was creating a soundtrack for her original CSI series entitled CSI New Orleans. Needless to say, goddess_loki thought it was such a cool idea, that she started making her own soundtracks, the first being for her AU CSI Miami/CSI NY series called Nothing's Like Before

Current Co Mods - thiscanbegin&goddess_loki

If you have any questions, you can contact one of the mod's via email, or comment in the Questions and Concerns post. All comments will be screened, so you don't have to worry about drama.)


(if you would like to affiliate comment here)

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♦ When posting a soundtrack, you're only allowed to show thumbnails above an lj cut, or if there are no graphics and the soundtrack is no longer, than say five to six tracks. We recommend uploading your covers at Postimage, they provide thumbnail codes for large images.
♦ Any type of fanfic soundtrack is alowed. Just please, make sure you warn people if your soundtrack/fic contains things like adult content or obsence songs.
♦ You don't have to upload your soundtracks, it would be pretty cool if you did, but not maditory. And if you want, when posting your mixes, you can ask fellow members if they wouldn't mind uploading it for you, if they have the songs. thiscanbegin would be more than willing to help out in this area.
♦ You also don't have to provide links to the fics, but again it would be pretty cool if you did.
♦ You can post soundtracks for multiple fic series, on going series, one shot fics, etc...
NO DRAMA. If you don't like a soundtrack or a fic,that's okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just don't spread any negativity around. If you want to offer up helpful suggestions by all means, go for it. I'm sure we all would like to know how we can improve as writers and feedback is one of the main ways we can go about do it. Just don't trash fics. Have some respect for your fellow fic writer. You wouldn't like if someone trashed one of your fics, so why do it for others?
♦ Do not claim a fic as your own work if you didn't write it. In the welcome part above, it mentions being able to post soundtrack's for your favorite fics. Yes you can do this, just make sure you clearly state that you did not write the fic, and credit the author
♦ Please, promote this community as much as you can. Post something in your fic journals/communities. Let's get the fic soundtrack love out there!

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